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I love words that take you on a journey through time and space that you never planned or anticipated. I love people who push you to open your mind, heart and soul in unexpected ways. I love that I can love YOU and others, whom i barely spend any time with in-person but you are always there on my list of "those amazing Beings in my Life" whom I love and cherish.

AND...I love the color purple and the feel of the first immersion into wild hot springs

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What I love? YOU! I love you. Your witty road trip has kept me engaged from the very first installment. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself—and your journey— with all of us.

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What I love from the bottom of my soul!

There are people and the landscapes that rise up to answer this question, but instead I’ll offer this: I love from the bottom of my soul the times and the people who I have been so privileged as to watch over a patient’s death with. I’m thinking of times when there is a patient who has no one available or allowed (think COVID visitor policies) or no one or who wants to, or just has no one to come, and the nurse and sometimes the RT and sometimes the provider and I stay at the bedside with them instead, all the way to the end. (This is usually in the ICU.). The people who choose to do that kind of thing are my people, and I love those people and those times from the bottom of my soul ❤️

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Sep 14, 2022·edited Sep 14, 2022

Great story, Dawn! looking forward to the next episode!

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